Our values are the guiding principles for how we do business, every day.  Every decision, recommendation, and product we produce is based on this framework of values:

People are an organization’s most valuable asset.

Everyone has the power to reach their potential.

We meet the client where they are.

We practice mindfulness and non-judgment.

Great leaders emerge with both opportunity and training.

Our work is based at the intersection of research and practice.

When we say we meet you where you are with mindfulness and non-judgement, we mean it.  You never need to be afraid to share your worries and fears, or your most precious dreams.  Building a business is often a personal journey, as well as a professional one.  We will guide you to create the transformation you seek in both of these areas of your life.

Our Mission

To develop an organization’s best asset:  it’s people.

We accomplish our mission by helping organizations increase their profits by reducing turnover, increasing clarity, and developing their leadership.

About the Owner

Hello, I’m Cortney, Founder and CEO of Powerfully Simple HR & Leadership.  Thanks for your interest!

I personally have over a decade of experience in business leadership and ownership.  I have worked in leadership roles in a wide variety of industries over the course of my career, including legal, restaurant, education, real estate, transportation, and nonprofit.  I am a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), and focused my graduate work on studying human behavior in group settings. I have a master’s degree in Anthropology from California State University Fullerton, and a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University.  

When you work with me you receive the benefit of a business mindset, outside-the-box thinking, and new solutions pulled from a variety of industries.

When I’m not working I love adventures, especially if they involve hiking or camping.  Here’s a picture of my husband and at the summit of Mt. St. Helens in 2016:


I also love to spend time playing in my garden and cooking with the fruits and vegetables I’ve grown.  I love to read and write nonfiction.  And when I’m not “doing” anything, I love to snuggle with my cats or drink wine with friends and family.

Depending on your needs, I may partner with other experienced consultants to offer you tailored services to reach your goals.